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Video: NASA and Google Give a Look Into D-Wave Quantum Computer

Google and NASA together went halfsies on a DWave quantum computer and had it delivered to the NASA Ames Research Center in Mountain View, next door to Google’s HQ. This facility is being used by both NASA and Google and is one of the places where Google and NASA work together. So, then it is no surprise that Google have worked together with NASA to buy one of these D-Wave quantum computers and decided to show the public what it looks like and how it works. After all, to most of us, it has mostly been a big black box that does ‘magical’ things.

I find no need to summarize this well made video, so just sit back and enjoy. It’s a pretty informative video for people of all levels of understanding and interest.

Google and NASA are working together on a Lunar X-Prize to get private space a boost and to incentivize private industry to push where NASA cannot afford to. It could be possible that this may be part of Google’s goals to explore space with NASA’s advise and expertise, however, right now NASA is non-operational due to the government shut down. So you can’t even go to the Ames Research Center’s site to read more about their goals and work.