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Intel Looking for Partners to Launch Intel Media, or To Sell Division

As some of you may have heard over the course of many months, Intel has been trying to launch their own IPTV service that utilizes their own hardware. This service was originally supposed to launch around the March timeframe, but as we all know, that time has long come and gone. Some of the biggest snags for this service have been the networks that control the various channels that subscribers would want to watch. Originally, this was billed as an ala carte service, but it quickly became clear that the networks would not let that happen. After all, who would be forced to subscribe to their crappy channels if all people ever bought were the channels they want?

Now, Intel Media itself has been struggling to get off the ground and actually secure all of the deals that they need in order to launch as a service. Now that it’s been around 7 months since the original launch was supposed to happen, the smoke is starting to show. There have been rumors that the division is being sold to Verizon, however, these rumors are not true. They may have a shred of truth to them, but they are not accurate. Currently, Intel media is looking for partners to help them launch the service and if they cannot find a partner to help them launch the service, they will ultimately sell the division to someone else who will launch the service.

While Verizon may be on the list of companies interested in buying the division from Intel, there’s still a good chance that Intel Media could find a partner to help them take that final step towards launch. From what we’ve heard, there is no question that this service will launch. It will simply be a question of whether or not the service is launched by Intel, by Intel and a partner, or if it will simply be launched by a company that buys the division from Intel. Because I think that we can all agree that lots of people think that this is a good idea and they want to see it change the current model that most people hate.

Personally, I would like to see Intel partner with a large media company to launch this service rather than sell it off, because then we most likely won’t see very powerful hardware past the 1st generation since they will want to keep the costs down. Intel’s continued involvement would simply mean that we could continue to experience great hardware and improved experiences. Either way, I just want this damn service to launch already because I’d rather watch TV over IP than having to pay for traditional low-quality (no more than 1080i) cable.