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Jobs Look-a-Like and a Basketball Star Team Up with Lenovo


Lenovo is drawing on celebrities to hawk its wares. Earlier this year, they announced that Kobe Bryant of Los Angeles Lakers basketball fame was joining their team. This week, they announced their partnership with Ashton Kutcher, known for his comedy portrayals in ?That 70?s Show? and ?Two and a Half Men?.

Kutcher left CoolPix which was powered by Android for Lenovo?s Yoga which is also Android based

Kutcher isn?t a stranger to promoting products. He was an ad man for Nikon cameras for several years appearing in video antics depicting his use of the products. Spring boarding from a comedic personality to a high tech designer consultant, Ashton Kutcher is nothing but eclectic. Lenovo may have their hands full with their new Yoga tablet ad man.

Lenovo is touting Kutcher as a ?product engineer? who will help develop and market the Yoga tablet line. His opinions will be sought regarding design, specifications and software ? a big move away from the actor who usually is busy making us laugh.

Kutcher seen as Steve Jobs in the bio-movie

Still, unbeknownst to many of his TV fans, Kutcher is quite tech savvy. His portrayal of Steve Jobs apparently came from a heart felt admiration of the technology legend. However, he doesn?t just watch from the sidelines. The man at the top of Forbes magazine?s list of the highest paid TV actors, making an estimated $24 million in the fiscal year ended June 2013, he has become a venture capitalist in the tech arena. Airbnb,, Foursquare, Spotify, Path, Shazam, SoundCloud, and Uber are only part of a list of companies that have benefited from his investment and collaboration.

Kutcher said of his new advertising and consulting gig: ?Lenovo is all about innovation and strong leadership. Entrepreneurship is part of their DNA, and I couldn?t ask for a better fit.? David Roman, chief marketing officer at Lenovo responded in kind saying: ?Kutcher?s ? new perspective, technical expertise ? and keen consumer insight combined with our innovation engine make this a very natural and powerful partnership.?

Earlier, CBS, which produces Two and a Half Men, wasn?t so excited about his entrepreneurial bent when he shamelessly promoted some of his start ups with stickers affixed to the back of the laptop he was using in one scene. The ?mini ads? have since been obscured in subsequent episodes.

Kobe Bryant advertises Lenovo K900 in Southeast Asia

Kutcher is just the most recent celebrity to cozy up with Lenovo. Lenovo?s new smartphone, the K900 currently marketed in Southeast Asia and China, will be promoted by LA Laker super star, Kobe Bryant. In June, Lenovo announced that the K900 smartphone is based on the Intel Atom Z2580 processor.

Lenovo which prides itself on product innovation says the design of its Yoga tablet makes it easy to hold while reading or browsing the Internet because the shape and placement of the battery cylinder, which holds an 18 hour battery, makes it better for one-hand use. The ergonomic design which shifts the center of gravity makes it more comfortable for your wrist.

The built-in kickstand opens to let the tablet stand on its own for watching movies, plus it tilts down on a surface for touch screen typing or reading at a comfortable angle. Front-facing speakers with Dolby Digital Plus provide improved clarity and sound performance.

The Yoga tablet comes in 8 and 10 inch formats, currently pre-loaded with Android Jelly Bean, and ready for future versions of Android. The tablets are priced at $249 and $299 respectively.

Kutcher supports technology as a tool to help end child exploitation

Ashton Kutcher?s broad interests encompass philanthropy. He was one of the creators of Thorn: Digital Defenders of Children.Thorn invests in, builds and deploys the latest technology as part of the ongoing fight to end child sexual exploitation. Their site educates us to the more than 17 million images and videos submitted by law enforcement to the NCMEC (National Center for Missing and Exploited Children) in 2011, up from half a million in 2004. They point out that ?Technology has made it easier for predators to create and share child pornography and connect with like-minded individuals. The increased availability of exploitative content has the effect of ?normalizing? behaviors that are both dangerous and illegal.?

Kutcher and Bryant are both community minded, charismatic people who should lend a new face to Lenovo’s marketing approach.