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Sony to Ban Resale of Games?

Thanks to a tip and a bit of WHOIS to confirm the validity of the source website, we have concluded that Sony looks like they still want to prevent game resales even though they mocked Microsoft for doing the very same thing in a video. Granted, the topic itself was actually more about game sharing than game resale, but many people consider the two to be fundamentally tied together. When most people buy a physical copy of a game, they expect that they own it and that they can resell it at a later date at their own will, or just give it to friends. However, if Sony Entertainment Network has their way, you won’t be able to sell any of your used games.

The actual source of this new development comes from Sony’s new ToS that they are implementing platform-wide and users are forced to agree to if they want to continue to use the service.

We even included the (above) offending language in the new terms of service so that you can read it for yourself if you don’t feel like reading the full unabridged version. What makes this ironic is that Sony had mocked Microsoft, as we mentioned earlier, about not allowing used game sharing. What makes all of this so damn confusing is that Sony appears to have taken the higher road in the situation with used games and game sharing, but then they sneak this section into their new ToS and suddenly they just look like hypocrites that want to look good in the face of gamers.

We have reached out to Sony for some clarification and will post their response as soon as possible.