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AMD Adds Extra Value with Battlefield 4 and Thief Game Bundles

While I would like to think that my constant bitching and moaning about a lack of game bundle with AMD’s latest cards has actually worked, I unfortunately know better than that. It looks like AMD is finally doing what we’ve expecting them to do with their GPUs, bundle games. In the past, the Never Settle and Never Settle Reloaded bundles did really well for AMD as it sold many GPUs.

Additionally, the Never Settle Forever bundle is going to be a rolling type of promotion that will allow users to pick the games that they want. So, with most GPUs, gamers will be able to expect the ability to get a copy of EA DICE’s Battlefield 4 game. AMD gave us a nifty little chart to break down the different cards and who gets what, but simply put all R9 cards will be getting a copy of Battlefield 4.

And for the R7 260X, users will get a Radeon Never Settle Forever Silver Reward coupon, which will entitle them to any of these copies or the newly added title to the Never Settle Forever Bundle, Thief.

What this means is that All of AMD’s new cards are now covered under some sort of a game bundle, which they weren’t before. Which meant that Nvidia’s own game bundle far outweighed AMD’s and some might argue, it still does, with more games and a discount on SHIELD. However, I have a feeling that most PC users are going to gravitate more towards Battlefield 4 just because of the franchise’s power and the game’s well known status among gamers. Not to mention, it is also an AMD Gaming Evolved title.