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BSN* Exclusive Videos: AMD Mantle Explained with Q&A with Devs from Oxide and DICE

Yesterday, we had the opportunity to finally hear from AMD about how Mantle was going to change the way that developers make games as well as how games built with Mantle will be better. We were fortunate enough to attend yesterday’s Mantle session with Guennadi Riguer, the Architect of AMD’s Mantle low-level graphics API. He gave a pretty long, 45 minute long talk about it with powerpoint slides. Originally, his talk was on Tuesday but due to a complete overflow of attendance, they scheduled a new, second session on Wednesday. This session was also filled to capacity by the time the presentation began.

Since we figure that many of you wish you were able to attend the conference for the HSA and Mantle related sessions, we decided it would be prudent of us to videotape the two most important sessions of APU13 for those not present. We hope you enjoy these videos and are able to gain some knowledge from them about Mantle and its capabilities.

Below, we have a full video of the Mantle presentation as well as the slides that he is talking about overlaid in the video. If you’d like to watch the video AND have the slides on the side, we can also provide you with the slides here. Without further ado, the AMD Mantle: Empowering 3D Graphics Innovation at APU13 presentation.

After that, there were a few more Mantle related sessions, including a Q&A session with all of the developers currently working with AMD on Mantle. They fielded questions from the press about Mantle and how it is working with mantle. It was by far the greatest session of the entire conference and possibly one of the most entertaining as well. This video is also a pretty long one, however, it is worth every minute of the 35 minutes and a lot of questions unanswered during the various sessions of the conference were addressed there.

We hope you enjoyed the below video as much as we did and that you accept our apologies for a bit of camera shake due to the camera being mounted on a table. This is the only video of the Q&A session, so it is a BSN* Exclusive.

After attending this last session of APU13, I definitely felt like the conference had been worth attending. AMD definitely saved the best for last and we were really happy to have been able to attend a round table/ panel of such amazing game developers talking about what could be the future of game development as we know it.