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Jaguar and Land Rover to Have Intel Inside in the Near Future

Since the LA Auto Show has begun there have been a lot of interesting announcements from Maserati and test drives of the new Cadillac ELR. However, in the world of automotive infotainment it seems like things are constantly changing with companies like Qualcomm expected to enter the mix after Nvidia had a few years ago. Intel has been quietly working behind the scenes to secure yet another customer on top of BMW, Nissan and Toyota. This time, Intel has announced that they will be working with Tata Motors, the parent company of both Jaguar and Land Rover to develop next-generation infotainment systems for future vehicles of both brands.

Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) gave more details about the deal talking about the fact that the company plans to collaborate with Intel to enhance their future in-vehicle technologies. This will most likely mean that we could expect to see the latest generations of embedded Intel Atom processors or embedded Core products being used for both the instrument clusters as well as the infotainment systems. In addition to using Intel hardware, they also plan to further strengthen their tech focus by opening a new R&D center located in none other than Portland, Oregon.

Jaguar mentions the fact that they picked the locations to enhance research and product development with Intel and other leading IT businesses, but if they really wanted that they would’ve put themselves in Silicon Valley like Mercedes had recently done. Jaguar Land Rover (and their parent company) are clearly buying into Intel’s ecosystem in a strong way and it will be interesting to see what products come of this partnership. Because, ever since Tata bought JLR, they’ve really turned around the brand and Jaguar and Land Rover both have stellar brand images and even more importantly, exciting vehicles. In 2012, the company sold 357,000 vehicles, up 30% over the previous year, indicating exactly the excitement and turnaround of the company that we were describing.

In addition to the location in Portland, JLR has two engineering test facilities in the US, with their hot weather test facility being located in Phoenix, Arizona and their cold weather facility located in International Falls, Minnesota.