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Gallery: 2013 Los Angeles Auto Show in Pictures and Videos

This was our first year attending the Los Angeles International Auto Show and we managed to get some really interesting coverage of the Maserati Ghibli and Quattroporte Ermenegildo Zegna Edition as well as the Cadillac ELR.

There was much more photography to be had and we decided that we would simply make it a series of different galleries for different vehicles and brands. At the very end, there will be a final gallery of all of the other vehicles that were skipped or we didn’t think we had enough photos of to actually create a gallery for it.

Couldn’t go to the LA Auto Show? We’ve got you covered.

First up, we have the Porsche Gallery with all of the cars that we thought were interesting or new inlcuding the 918 Spyder, which we have a video of on our Youtube Channel.

After Porsche, we took a look at Nissan’s booth, with a laser focus on the Stone Brewery Beer and GTR Nismo edition.

After our encounter with the Nismo Edition GTR, we waltzed on over to Cadillac and took a look at their Elmiraj, new Escalade ESV and ELR.

After Cadillac, we went over to none other than Bentley to take a look at the new Mulsanne and Flying Spur.

After Bentley, we went on over to the Mercedes booth and were really interested by their Gran Turismo AMG Vision Concept vehicle.

And as you’d expect, we went over to BMW’s booth and checked out the BMW i8, which is definitely the company’s most awaited vehicle. We were surprised not to see the M4 or any new vehicles other than the i3 and i8 and we actually got a chance to sit inside the i8 and have a video of that experience.

After BMW, we roamed around a bit more and hit Lexus and Acura, both of whom had nothing new to show us so we didn’t bother to include them. We also checked out Jaguar and their new F-Type as well as Audi and their new A3 electric car and sportier S3. We also included a ton of other photos from various concept cars as well as some well known brands like Aston Martin and the lot. There is also a hideous $1.1 million beast in the gallery below that is known as the Youabian Puma, which was designed by none other than an LA plastic surgeon that thought he could design a car. It is a hideous monstrosity at the best.

Hopefully we’ve entertained you and given you a taste of what the show had to offer in addition to our coverage of the events at the show.