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AT&T and T-Mobile Duke It Out Over Customer on Twitter

These Social Media Twitter exchanges are becoming more and more frequent, and more and more awesome. Today it looks like that exchange was between a disgruntled AT&T customer and T-Mobile as well as AT&T. We recently saw an amusing one between Atmel, Mouser and Sir Mix-A-Lot. This time, however, it was started by a Jay Rooney with this tweet, "Just found out that @tmobile doesn’t charge extra for overseas data. What the hell am I still doing with @ATT?" Then, the following ensued.

After reading those responses, you can surely see that someone on T-Mobile’s social media team definitely has some quick wit. The best part is that Sprint even decided to chime in later in the thread and only responded directly to other people complaining about Sprint and wanting to switch to T-Mobile. Not to mention the fact that no company’s CEO, let alone the fourth (probably soon to be third) largest carrier in the US will come and respond to people’s complaints and questions. T-Mobile did a great job hiring John Legere and I think that all of the other carriers are mortified to see what T-Mobile does next. They’ve already introduced free international data roaming and texting as well as their upgrade program and 2-year contracts. Not to mention free data on tablets. 

Personally, I’m a customer of T-Mobile and have been for years, so it’s great to see T-Mobile transforming into a leading carrier. Not to mention the fact that I’m seeing friends and acquaintances switching from Verizon, AT&T and Sprint to T-Mobile in droves. For international travel alone, T-Mobile’s global roaming feature is worth more than the phone’s weight in gold.