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Amazon PrimeAir Delivery Uses Octocopter to Deliver Packages to You in 30 min


Amazon has always been a huge innovator since the very first day of their existence. And we all know that they revolutionized the way that we shop with Amazon Prime and their free 2 day delivery service. They even recently announced their plans to work with the USPS on Sunday deliveries, something that quite literally nobody has done before in retail. Now, they take their evil plans to the next step with Amazon PrimeAir.

What is Amazon PrimeAir? Amazon PrimeAir is Amazon’s new delivery option that they are hoping to have implemented once the FAA gives them the clearance to do so. Keep in mind that Amazon currently offers next day delivery options but no same day delivery. Amazon PrimeAir would deliver your package within 30 minutes. Amazon has created a video to show you how Amazon PrimeAir would work once implemented, below.

Essentially, this would mean that you could have a package delivered the very same hour that you order the product if you simply have to have it and can’t wait for it to come the next day. At the same time, this will further increase our laziness in terms of not going to brick and mortar stores and just shipping things to ourselves instead. Their goal is to roll it out sometime in 2015, once the FAA solidifies the rules for unmanned aerial vehicles and gives companies like Amazon a clear set of guidelines to go by.

No, you won’t be getting your next TV by PrimeAir, but you could easily see it coming to deliver your smaller packages like a set of small tools, computer components or anything that you simply need to have at that very moment without wasting the time to get into a car and drive somewhere to possibly pick up what you need. Sure, we’re excited for these things to start taking flight soon, but hopefully the FAA regulations don’t castrate UAVs to the point where Amazon can’t implement this. Either way, it seems crazy to think that we could have UAVs delivering our packages in the future.