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Want a luxurious URL? Try $800 a Year for a .Luxury URL

As new gTLDs start to roll out, we’ve been following a couple of the latest ones in the first large batch of this year, for next year. Over the course of the next 2-3 years, we will see a lot of new TLDs being created enabling for new online businesses and domains. The truth is that we’re starting to run out of domain names and the ICANN knows this, which is the point of the new TLDs (top level domains). We recently have used up all four letter domains ending in .com and will surely continue to evaporate all possible combinations as things move forward. With new TLDs, we can have shorter URLs once again and easier brand recognition.

One interesting TLD that caught my attention was the .Luxury domain address, because of the price. I know that people can and do fight for URLs and there is a lot of business squatting on domain names in order to make some money, but with this brand new TLD we are already seeing a stratospheric starting cost. Admittedly, it isn’t surprising considering the association that will be made with such a domain, but even so, any aspiring luxury brand will have to take into consideration a minimum $800 a year for their domain name. There are some others that have recently opened up for claiming and we’ve got a nice little table below for you to check out, thanks to

If you head over to GoDaddy, you can see that they’re already charging a premium price of $799 for the same URL and even more interesting is that they’re charging $1,199 for the ‘priority’ rights to have a certain .luxury domain name, and even so, you aren’t actually guaranteed that name if bidding were to occur. While I don’t really know how GoDaddy justifies their prices, especially considering their initial support of SOPA, I’m not surprised to see companies being forced to charge so much for such a domain.

The company administering this .Luxury domain auction is actually Luxury Partners, LLC. which signed an agreement with the ICANN to handle the auction and take in the proceeds. There you can find a 92 word document that explains all of the guidelines that Luxury Partners (and most/any company) must follow in order to handle the domain sales. Keep in mind, that in order for a TLD to have been opened, most companies would have had to put up thousands of dollars in order to even get the TLD considered, which many did not.

While we won’t be getting a .Luxury domain name any time soon, we will keep you updated on any new or interesting TLDs that might become available over the course of the next few years. As you can tell from the table above, other gTLDs like .club or .guru are now becoming available. And if you are looking to start a company that participates in ventures, .ventures will probably be right up your alley. It should help a lot of companies get better URLs like Capital.Ventures or Tech.Ventures instead of or Also, I recently discovered that my first name, was taken by some Israeli marketing company and now I’ll have to look for a different domain like if I ever want to host my own personal site.