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Android Kit Kat 4.4.1 to Fix Nexus 5 Camera Flaws


Ever since I got my Nexus 5 on day one, the phone has been the best Android phone that I’ve used to date. I’m working on finishing up the review of this phone in the coming weeks and there’s so much praise about the phone that it will be quite a long review. However, the biggest disappointment of the Nexus 5 has been the camera’s complete and utter inability to operate normally. Some times you can get an absolutely perfectly sharp photo that looks like a million dollars and then other times you get a horribly blurry piece of garbage. And regardless of the final image, it will take vastly longer to acquire a photo using the Nexus 5 than say, an HTC One.

The majority of Nexus 5 users’ gripes have been about the camera, and the truth is that it is the only weak spot on the device that we can find so far. Google has already confirmed that they will be adding RAW image and burst photos to Android, but hasn’t given an exact date. In addition to the ability to take RAW photos and burst images, Google will also be fixing the absolutely horrific state of the Nexus 5 camera. Right now, the state of the camera is essentially that your photos will be a crap shoot and you probably won’t get the shot you want because either the camera is too slow or because it doesn’t come out in focus. The images that we’ve included both above and below are best-case scenario images that are a result of impeccable lighting and no motion.

Now, The Verge have gotten their hands on the newest Android 4.4.1 update that fixes the problems with the Nexus 5’s camera and it looks to be a huge upgrade. By the descriptions that The Verge is giving, the theme behind this update is speed, which has been the Nexus 5’s worst enemy. With slow auto-focus, slow boot up and overall painfully slow capturing process. They say that Google is also working on improving the interface, which I must admit is too ‘deep’ to actually change any settings quickly. They could really take a page out of HTC’s book on that, to be quite honest.

They say that the update should be rolling out in the next few days and we’ll be using that update to test the Nexus 5’s camera in our review since it will represent the latest state of the device.