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AT&T Announces New Plans in Response to T-Mobile


Yesterday, AT&T announced their new Mobile Share Value Plans and no annual contract options. A clear response to T-Mobile’s no-contract plans as part of the first stage of their uncarrier campaign. AT&T’s plan charges you $45 a month for unlimited talk and text plus 300MB of data, compared to T-Mobile’s $55 plan with 2GB of data. In addition to the 300MB option, the AT&T Mobile Share Value plans offer data options ranging from 1GB up to 50 GB, all with unlimited talk and text. If someone buys their own phone, they can save an additional $15 per month off the price of the plan if they activate the no annual service contract option. This means that it isn’t a default option and can only be enabled if the customer asks for it, which I believe is dirty.

If you go over to AT&T’s site right now, the minimum you’ll pay for 300MB of data + unlimited talk and text is $70 a month, but the problem is that this is not the value plan. And, the pricing to get AT&T featured similarly to T-Mobile would make you go up to $95 a month. Even if you take the 2GB plan from T-Mobile and compare it to AT&T’s you’re looking at a price difference of $25 because with AT&T’s $15 discount on top of their current $95 price, they’re still $25 more than T-Mobile’s $55 2GB plan. In addition to this, AT&T also added another NEXT plan that offers a new device every 18 months, but is still a significant rip-off as we mentioned when it was first announced.

In addition to these plans, AT&T also announced an international roaming option of their own, but only for students that study abroad. If you look at the prices, $60 and $90 a month, and the amount of data they provide, 250MB and 400MB respectively, its a total joke. T-Mobile’s free unlimited international roaming plan quite literally only charges you for minutes talked, which AT&T only gives you 250 minutes with the $60 plan and 400 minutes with the $90 plan. They also only give you 250 text messages in the $60 plan and 400 text messages in the $90 plan. Both are absolutely a joke. They don’t even guarantee any sorts of speeds and the plans are only available to students staying somewhere 3 months or longer, which means that they simply get to make more money off you than they would if you were in the US.

Overall, AT&T’s new plans will save AT&T customers money, if they stay. But the truth is that if your contract is up and you’re on AT&T, you’ll save a lot more money switching to T-Mobile and probably get the exact same level of service, too.