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BSN* Seeks Readers? Requests for CES 2014

The BSN* team wants to know what activities at CES you?d like us to report on. CES events occur from one end of the Las Vegas Strip to the other. From Mandalay Bay to the Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC). No one can cover it all, so we are asking ?What are our readers most interested in??

In addition to 6 Keynote speakers, there are 3445 exhibitors, plus 28 which are ?Featured.? Speakers will be heard in three different locations, while exhibitors are mostly strewn across the LVCC?s 2 million square feet of floor space. You must have a plan and itinerary in hand before you begin. Of course, you can stroll through each floor, stopping whenever something catches your eye? and I don?t mean the Booth Babes that companies use to draw you in.

At CES 2013, this is how SugarSync drew our attention to their booth

Our writers are busy scheduling meetings with movers and shakers. We are mapping a route through the plethora of exhibitors, and, we must admit, planning which parties to attend. We?d like your input: What would you like us to report on as we traverse this exciting venue? What topics are of the greatest interest to you?

The choices are myriad. CES puts companies into categories. Each category below indicates how many exhibitors have something related to it. However, many companies list themselves in several categories, such as Feature Exhibitor, Intel, in 15 categories. That may or may not mean they have an entire exhibit devoted to the category. One booth may contain a little of this, a little of that. For example, Intel trying to be all things to all people, goes from Electric Car Technology through Mobile Apps to IPTV, with lots of overlapping in between.

Two other Featured Exhibitors, aren?t so, shall we say ambitious ? or scattered. Audi drives attendees? attention to only two categories: Automotive Electronics and Automotive Accessories. OtterBox is similarly focused in only two categories: Lifestyle Electronics Accessories and Wireless Device Accessories. OtterBox was recognized as a Design & Engineering Showcase Innovation at CES 2013. They build protective cases for your Kindle, Galaxy S4, Blackberry Z30, screen protectors for Nexus 5. OtterBox also has waterproof protective boxes to hold your wallet, jewelry, iPod, cell phone, or small camera.

Obviously, BSN* staff needs to be judicious in selecting which company to visit in which category to get the most bang for our time and the most interesting articles for our readers. The list below with notations of how many exhibitors are in each category with a summary of related subcategories. We?d like you to indicate which category or category/subcategory excites you. You can also go to the CES website, look through the attending companies and indicate which of them you?d like us to report on.

We?ll try to bring you the latest from the companies with the most reader votes.

  • Audio 1157: High Performance, Portable Audio Players.
  • Automotive Electronics 587: Electric car technology.
  • Computer hardware and software 941: Accessories, Embedded Technology.
  • Connected Home 957: Energy, Home Appliances, Integrated Home Systems, Small Home Office.
  • Content Distribution 197: Broadband, Cable, Satellite.
  • Digital Health and Fitness 347: Home Health Care, Fitness, Digital Health.
  • Digital Imaging 510: Photography, Photographic equipment, Accessories, Video Editing.
  • Electronic Gaming 514: Accessories.
  • Emerging Technologies 392: Biometrics, Biotech, Nanotechnology, Robotics.
  • Entertainment/Content 610: Content Development, Mobile Applications.
  • Internet based multimedia services 339: Internet Protocol TV (IPTV), Online Products and Services, Social Networking, Voice over IP, (VoIP) Hardware/Software.
  • Lifestyle Electronics 1322: Personal Safety and Security, Landline phones, Accessories.
  • Telecommunications Infrastructure 239.
  • Video 687: 3D, Professional Film/Video Production, Video Editing.
  • Wireless and Wireless devices 1433: eBooks, Tablets and Netbooks, WiFi, Accessories.

You can vote by clicking here and responding?