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How an Instagram Account Landed a 19-Year-Old 142 Felony Counts

In a page straight out of the dumb criminals book, 19 year-old Dupree Johnson was arrested in Florida on 142 felony counts, most of them stemming from the vast ring of thefts that he and his gang were responsible for. Mr. Johnson was so open about his work and his takings that he posted many of them on the popular photosharing website, Instagram. Clearly, he was trying to impress someone with these photos, but it appears as though he’s impressed all the wrong people.

The picture above is him pictured with one of the vehicles he stole, and posting evidence that would surely get him arrested on Instagram clearly wasn’t the thought going through his head. Because he didn’t just post images of himself with stolen cars (that can easily be traced with the plates). He also posted pictures of himself with illegally obtained weapons.

And then smoking weed, which I can personally attest to not being something new to Instagram.

And to wrap it all up, he decided that it would be a good idea to pose in front of his house with a buddy (and likely accomplice) of his with ‘stacks’ of hundreds. Something that the police and IRS would love to see him brag about, even though it appears all of his activities were illegal and aren’t really taxable to begin with. Either way, this guy’s bravado, stupidity, and bragging clearly screwed him in ways that I don’t even think he realizes yet. He’s basically handed the entire case to the district attorney on a silver platter.

When the police raided is property, it came as no surprise to them that they were able to find an unregistered Glock and TEK-9 pistol as well as over $250,000 in stolen goods. And according to a local news station, when he was arrested the police had asked him what his occupation was and he simply answered, "Thief." Unfortunately for all of us, his Instagram account has since been taken down and the images you see here are all tat remains of his utterly stupid existence of an Instagram account. So, remember, when you are a criminal doing illegal things, don’t post them to social media because you’re not only going to get caught but you’re going to pay for it dearly with everyone calling you an idiot.