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Samsung Launches 110" 4K TV for ~ $100K – Days Before CES

Samsung has finally launched their 110" 4K TV that they had shown earlier this year at CES in Las Vegas, and now they’re launching it, days before they probably will announce a new crop of 4K TVs. This TV was originally shown at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas which is always during the first few weeks of the year. Samsung promised to launch the TV this year, and they are literally delivering on this promise with 2 days left in the calendar year.

According to Engadget, this TV will only be available for special order and will likely cost in excess of $100,000 while a clear price of the TV set is nowhere to be seen. As such, people can and will wildly speculate, but we can remember that Samsung’s 85" 4K TV is currently selling for a cool $40,000 so a $100,000 pricetag may even be an overestimation. Nobody knows, but we do know that creating a flawless 110" 4K panel isn’t easy or cheap, so that’s likely why the Associated Press estimated a $150,000 price for this TV. Realistically, however, there aren’t many places where this TV is more practical than an 85" 4K TV especially when you consider that you can possibly get three of the 85" TVs for the price of one of the 110" TVs.

This announcement is clearly Samsung trying to ‘deliver’ on their promises and to prepare people for the flood of 4K TVs are are going to be landing at CES in a week from now. We’ll be attending CES next week and will do our best to give you the most 4K coverage that we possibly can, but there’s a good chance there will be 4K overload, which we’re afraid of happening with everyone and their mom wanting to release a flagship affordable 4K TV.