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Breaking: Steam and Origin Services Taken Down By Hackers?

We’re getting numerous reports of Steam’s and Origin’s servers for games like Counter Strike: Global Offensive and Battlefield 4 being down and gamers being unable to play at all. Thanks to one of our readers, we were able to discover that a hacker or hacking group by the name of Derp Trolling has been attacking servers and services one by one and apparently utilizing ‘Gaben’s Laser Beam’ to take them down by what appears to be a DDoS attack.

So, if you’re trying to connect to any of these services or a game that utilizes them heavily, you will more than likely have problems getting the game to run successfully. This is unfortunately the problem with the centralization of game servers and services within a game’s own multiplayer service. Due to the strict DRM of games like Battlefield 4, if the DRM servers are unable to communicate with the game (through Battle Log) then you simply can’t play the game.

While we didn’t get any clear indication of why Derp Trolling is attacking the servers of these games, we did notice that Derp now has their eyes set on Minecraft, which could cause problems for those wanting to play that game as well. We’l keep you up to date on what game services are affected and how long these outages will last, but hopefully they’ll be up as quickly as they went down.