Feenix Unveils New Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

At CES 2014, boutique peripheral firm Feenix has unveiled their new Autore, a multifunctional mechanical gaming keyboard. The keyboard features a design inspired by Stanley Kubrick and promises gamers with faster typing and less fatigue.

The Autore is modeled after the monolith from Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey, and adheres to a minimalist design perspective which meets the needs of aggressive gamers and typists. Featuring Cherry MX Brown
switches, the keyboard also features an aluminum coating with Feenix’s front keeping the keyboard’s surface elegant and durable with a subtle upswept angle offers optimal wrist comfort. The USB connection is gold plated and modular, with an optional PS/2 adapter for full key rollover capability.

The Autore is currently available for preeorder at FeenixCollection.com for $163.

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