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Samsung Introduces Breakthrough Tech @ CES ?14

Samsung?s Press Conference was full of surprises at this year?s CES, here?s a quick rundown of what they featured:

BK Yoon, CEO of Samsung laid down the main mission for 2014 and beyond: the Smart Home. BK?s vision of the ?future home? is protective, flexible, and responsive to everyone living inside (or at least everyone who?s using Samsung?s devices).

They aim to bridge together all of their devices, from smartphone to smartfridge, into a singular Smart Home app. A ?Home View? addition to the app will be able to react to a user?s presets throughout the home, effectively allowing family members to change home modes. For example, setting your home to Movie mode will dim the lights, turn on your HDTV, and turn up your home receiver to a comfortable volume.

Samsung is also bringing more focus into entertainment by partnering with two new additions to their exclusive arsenal – NBA and PGA. All Samsung smart devices will have exclusive access to NBA & PGA stats and coverage, for a new ?court-side? experience.

The main event of the night was the unveiling for their new line of UHD (Ultra High-Definition) 4K Televisions, including a a 105?? curved-screen model which is the world?s largest display of its class. The curved display provides a greater sense of depth without the need for 3D. Can?t decide whether to invest in an UHD flat or curved display? How about both – Sammy also introduced their ?Bendable TV? model, which can curve with a touch of button for the ultimate immersive experience.

But perhaps the highlight of the press conference, whether intentional or not, was the failed introduction or endorsement from director Michael Bay – who within a minute stormed off the stage when his teleprompter feed malfunctioned and simply greeted the crowd with ?Sorry, I can?t do this?. Classic Mike.

On the mobile side of things, they also introduced their 12.2?? Pro models of their Tab and Note tablets, with lots of updated technology built-in. A WQXGA 2560×1600 display, 2.3 GHz 4-core processor, 3 GB RAM, WiFi ac MIMO with Network Booster, 9500 mAh 10 hour battery, and S Pen are just a few. And they both clock in at a 7.95 mm thickness and 750g weight.

Samsung is also implementing their ?Magazine UX? which can funnel all the available content between work and play, for up to 3 immersive customizable home screens that can support up to four windows at a time. Both Pro models are also optimized for Webex and even have an ?E-Meeting? mode, which can connect up to 20 compatible devices into a local area collaboration experience. The PRO line is also available in their 8.4? and 10? form factors, with roughly the same tech as the 12.2? models.

Overall, Samsung is definitely aiming for their customers to gradually transition towards a Samsung-only experience across all product lines. Stay tuned for a more hands-on approach once the show floor opens at this year?s CES!