AMD Press Conference at CES 2014

Today at AMD?s CES 2014 press conference, there were a variety of topics covered, especially the newly released Kaveri APUs.

The conference began with an appearance from LeVar Burton introducing AMD?s Surround House ? Monsters of the Orchestra, which is a full 360 degree motion sensing display, meant to replicate the abilities of the Star Trek Holodeck. The system runs on a single FirePro GPU and A10 APU.

The new Kaveri APUs provide significantly improved performance over last gen APUs and exceptional performance gains against Haswell CPUs in benchmarks that utilize GPU capabilities. Kaveri also supports the GCN architecture, AMD TrueAudio, Mantle, PCIe Gen 3, and has new power optimizations.

LibreOffice also has optimizations that utilize Kavei?s architecture to make spreadsheet calculations 7x faster using OpenCL.

The Kaveri APUs launch on January 14, 2014, preorders began today.

On the graphics side, the R9 and R7 series have done well, and AMD has announced 3 new mobile GPUs: the R9 M290X, the R7 M265, and the R5 M230. They will be available on a variety of new laptops from various hardware partners.