CES 2014: Blue Microphone?s Mo-Fi Still A Mystery

At the CES 2014 show floor, Blue Microphones gave us another glimpse of their newest headphone product, aimed at bridging the technological troubles between hi-fi and mobile media, for a consistent listening experience across all platforms.

It was only a glimpse, with no actual product showcased at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Instead, Blue illustrated the big picture again, through another video demo of what they want to accomplish once the Mo-Fi is available in Spring 2014. They lectured how most consumer headphones sound too colored, how mobile players cannot drive today?s popular hi-fi models, and that a solution is on the horizon. 

The Mo-Fi briefly flashed on screen at the end, and pictures were not allowed at the demonstration. From what we remember, they were a full-sized circumaural pair with what seemed to be a metallic frame with on-cup volume and possibly noise-cancelling controls.

?Our passion is in innovative microphones, but if audiences cannot easily enjoy the full fidelity of their favorite artists, then what?s the point?? answered a Blue Microphones rep when asked about their sudden interest in the headphone market. Covering new ground is good for any manufacturer, but unlike microphones, they are entering a very saturated one. At this point, all we can speculate is a low-impedance model capable of handling a full spectrum of devices, with a unique design to match.

No other technical, design, or pricing information is available, however the Mo-Fi units are ?currently being manufactured?. With the NAMM Show just around the corner, hopefully we?ll know more about this mystery soon.