Digital Storm shows off Bolt II at CES 2014

We met up with Digital Storm to check out their new Bolt II Hybrid SFF Gaming PC and Steam Machine.

The Bolt II is a clear improvement over the original Bolt. It can be stood up vertically or laid on its side. It will be configurable with either Windows 8.1, SteamOS, or both.

Digital Storm is aiming to bring down the price to have the Bolt II start around the $1500 mark, possibly outfitted with an Intel i5/i7 and potentially an Nvidia GTX 760. The Bolt II will also be configurable up to an Nvidia GTX Titan.

The Bolt II comes standard with a liquid cooling system for the CPU which should keep the system running both cooler and quieter.

The Bolt II will likely be shipping in Q1 of 2014, and we’re very excited to get our hands on one for review.