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Origin PC Engineers World?s Most Customizable Desktop

At CES 2014, Origin PC of Miami, Florida unveiled the finished product of what has been two years in the making, dubbed ?Project Prime?. Claimed to be the most advanced and customizable platform on the market, the now-available Prime embodies the shared experiences of their leaders? history as system engineers, even going back to their early days at Alienware.

Prime, which will be the main modular chassis for both Origin?s Millenium and Genesis systems moving forward, will change the way we order custom powerhouses from a high-performance system vendor. Instead of choosing a chassis, customers will instead choose an orientation for their hardware. The motherboard tray can be installed in any standard, rotated, or inverted orientation, enabling the most efficient airflow or liquid cooling options depending on hardware choice. The side panel window can also swap between both left and right sides, which can be a big deal for enthusiasts.

Here?s a video that better illustrates this patent-pending design:

The most important philosophy to take from this is that no extra parts or kits are needed to change up your build, unless you want the expansion bay, while keeping size to a minimum so that all the hardware fits nicely within the environment every time.

On the front panel sits a 16-fan speed control, in either Auto or Manual modes, updated connectivity options, and an IR receiver for the chassis? remote-controlled LEDs. The remote can alter the light?s color, intensity, and even four selectable patterns. Opening up the front door reveals your usual selection of 5? drive bays, but with an included hot swappable bay area for more storage options. The whole array is softly illuminated from above that automatically turns off when the door closes.

Now, the difference between the mid-tower Millenium and full-tower Genesis is the addition of an expansion bay below. It can either be a ?Hard Drive Mode? that can house 12x 3.5? drives or 34x 2.5? drives, or a ?Radiator Mode? which adds two additional 360 mm radiators in addition to the single radiator already available inside the main Millenium body. Overall, Prime can accommodate the most cooling options of its form factor, especially for a mid-tower, and even more when building a Genesis, while still keeping size as manageable as possible. The Genesis Pro model offers more workstation-level components, such as Intel Xeon CPUs, ECC memory, computational GPUs, and even compatability with XL-ATX form factor mainboards – all inside the same Prime platform.

However, Origin PC won?t offer this revolutionary chassis on its own, as will only be available as a part of their full builds. After years in development, and how much growth it can offer, Project Prime will ultimately simplify the build process for both Origin and their customers, and with that, a promising future ahead.