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Tracking Point shows off new TP AR15 at CES 2014

Tracking point made another appearance at this year’s CES with a new product in hand based on the AR-15 platform. Built entirely off of a base of commercial consumer-grade parts, the new tracking point system promises the same relative level of accuracy as their previous bolt action system in 5.56, .300 BLK, and 7.62.

The new and improved Networked Tracking Scope calculates the same things as it’s predecessor in a smaller package: Range, Drop, Magnus effect, Spin drift, Coriolis, Direction, Cant, Inclination, Wind (manual input) Pressure, Temperature, Relative humidity, Adaptive life cycle ballistics, Muzzle Velocity, Barrel length and twist, Lock time, ballistic coefficient, and Drag coefficient. Functioning similarly to the bolt action version, all the user needs to do is tag, track, and fire from within the scope using the trigger guard mounted button.

The new improvements of the weapon in relative terms are the fact that it has been moved to the AR-15 platform and can be built or converted from essentially consumer grade parts, driving down the cost of the package. Previously, it was stated by representatives in the company that getting their system to function with commercial grade parts would be nigh impossible. With the proprietary custom buttstock, battery containment has changed the balance of the rifle to be more rear heavy, helping to balance out the feel in hand. While currently unavailable, there are future plans to provide a user-end conversion kit which will allow end-consumers to convert their own preexisting AR-15s into Tracking Point rifles.

The cons, as with the previous iteration of the Tracking Point PGF, are that the rifle requires a certain ammunition load (currently supplied to TP from Barnes Bullets), the overall weight of the system, and the overall relative inaccuracy of the calibers available for the AR-15. Currently, Tracking Point will provide customers with the specifications for home reloading, but using off the shelf ammunition will not guarantee the promised accuracy. The display rifle clocks in around 10 pounds, putting it into a fairly heavy weight category for carrying around for long periods of time, especially with additional ammunition. Finally, because of the limitations of the AR-15 platform, the accuracy of the TP AR will not be sub-MOA at 1000 yards, unlike the bolt action, higher caliber Precision Guided Firearm.