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Walking the CES Floor in Search of Unique Gadgets

Over the course of CES 2014 we explored the different ballrooms in the Palazzo, Venetian hotels and the Sand Expo Center to see what products companies had brought to show the public. Here are some of the products we found very interesting and innovative from simply walking around the floor and checking out what caught our eyes.

The first product we checked out we had actually first covered while they were a project on the crowd-sourcing website Kickstarter. The project called TREWgrip unfortunately did not achieve its funding goal on Kickstarter but despite that setback they were able to find funding and come to CES 2014 where they have been nominated for various awards. The reason for these awards is because the TREWgrip product allows you to have a full sized QWERTY keyboard attached to your mobile device up to seven inches. The unique way this is done is by putting the keys on the back of the TREWgrip device while your mobile device is attached to the front.

In order to minimize the acclimation time for typing on the TREWgrip a regular keyboard is split in half and the keys are rotated. Also to show you just keys there is a visual representation of where the keys are on the front of the device and an LED light illuminates the key that is pressed on the backside. To connect to your mobile device or table TREWgrip uses wireless Bluetooth and also has a Bluetooth dongle and a built in gyroscope which allows you to use it with a smart television or desktop computer. The target audience of this product will mainly be professionals but it will also be for regular people who have to run around with mobile devices and need to type things. The MSRP of this product will be between $250-$350 and will most likely be available to public during Q4 of 2014, which is admittedly quite pricey.

The next product we found interesting was modular surge protector called the PowerCube which has been on sale in Europe for a couple years now and is finally making its way to the United States. It is made by a company called allocacoc who are based in the Netherlands. The PowerCube product allows you to add outlets by adding another cube on any side. When adding cubes you have several different kinds to choose from which include different features.

The feature they all include is the ability to use power cords from your desktop computer or monitor or there is an attachment to plug it into an outlet in any country because adapters are available for all different plugs. The basic model called the PowerCube Original comes with five outlets and a plug to put it in an outlet. The model called the PowerCube Original USB comes with 4 outlets and two USB plugs. The third model is called the PowerCube Extended which comes with a 1.5 meter cord, a mounting bracket, and also something called cable fix which allows you to plug in big power bricks that would otherwise obstruct other outlets. The fourth model is called PowerCube Extended USB which includes everything in the previous model except it includes two USB ports. All of these models can be used together without any special adapters and will be on sale for $14-$26 depending on the model.

The next thing that caught our eye was a line of products from a company called RIBX. The company produces a line of smartphone watches. These smart watches, unlike the Galaxy Gear, do not need a separate smart phone to function but can connect with one using Bluetooth. The line of watches include a long list of features. Some of the features that all models include are a SIM card slot, GPS, Compass, a 1.3MP camera, a flashlight, CDMA support, a gyro, an acceleration sensor, Wi-Fi connectivity, Bluetooth 4.0, and a watch band that has a USB plug built in for charging.

In order for the watch to be have reasonably stable software and a recognizable interface the company opted to use Android 4.3. RIBX makes two different models of watches that have differing form factors in order to accommodate different users. The first model offered is the RIBX FB15 which is the larger of the two models. This model offers a 2.0 inch capacitive touch screen along with an 850mAh battery that should last a couple days. This model is constructed using a titanium carbide alloy that provides a durable case that can be used while diving due to its water resistance up to 30 meters. The next model is called the RIBX Ti15 and has a slimmer profile than the FB15. This model does not feature a heavy duty construction because it was made to target runners and other athletes looking for a light device.

In order to reduce weight and make it slimmer the battery size has been reduced to 300mAh but it still retains the 2.0 inch touch screen. This model is offered in five different colors, white, lime green, yellow, red, and black. The FB15 model will retail for $699 and the Ti15 model will retail for $299 and both include lifetime replacements on the watchband plus a 3 year warranty on the watch itself.

Another product that caught our eye  is actually from a company that started off on Kickstarter and has successfully brought products to market. The company?s name is PhoneSoap and their primary focus is making products that keep you phone clean. The first product they were showing was the PhoneSoap Polish which allows you to polish you phone and keep off fingerprints and smudges.

The next product is the PhoneSoap Patch which is microfiber patches that stick to your phone and can be used to wipe off your phone. The last and main product PhoneSoap was showing what their phone charger. This charger is very unique because in addition to charging your phone it uses UV-C light to kill germs. While at their booth they gave us a demonstration and it does really seem to work based on the complete absence of an odor from the phone. In addition to all of these products they are planning to launch another Kickstarter campaign to fund their new product called TabletSoap which does the same thing as the PhoneSoap charger except for tablets so keep an eye out for them on Kickstarter.

The last booth that looked very interesting was a company called Su
nbird Solar. The line of products the company called Solarpod and Solarpod data. These products are considered solar generators because they have the option of using a solar panel to charge them. The company was showing four different models each with or without the data capability.

The first product in their lineup is called the Solarpod Buddy which has a built solar panel to charge itself has a capacity of 2800mAh and one 10W output. The data version of the Solarpod Buddy also has a solar panel to charge itself plus two outputs one 10W and the other 5W. It also has 32GB of built in memory along with an SD card slot. The next product is the Solarpod 240. It does not have built in solar panel but you can buy a 60W foldable solar panel to charge it or just use your car or regular outlet from your house. The Solarpod 240 has a capacity of 240Wh and one 250W output while weighing only 9.5 pounds. The Solarpod 240 Data version has the same capacity but includes a very cool feature where you can plug your SIM card or Ethernet cable into it and it becomes a standalone Wi-Fi router that doesn?t need to be plugged in. It also has a USB plug, a micro SD card slot, and an SD card slot so you can stream data using its wireless capabilities.

The next product is called the Solarpod 1K and it has a capacity is 960Wh. The Solarpod 1K also has 120V solar panels you can buy to charge. The 1K offers many different outputs they are two 110V or 230V outlets, one 12V DC plug and four 2A USB ports. The Solarpod 1K also has a data model which features the same inputs as the Solarpod 240 does.

The last model that is offer is called the Solarpod Polaris 5K which has a capacity of 5200Wh. This model is the largest of the four and is meant to power and entire house if the power goes down. This model offers ten different outlets including four 110V or 230V outlet, two 12V DC plugs and, four 2A USB ports. This model also features an LCD screen to show you information about the Polaris 5K. The Polaris 5K Data model offers the same input plugs for network connection but has a party piece inside. The Polaris 5K also has a 3TB hard drive inside so you can back up your data and still have it when the power goes out.