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How Synaptics Touchpads are Helping HP Make Better Laptops

We had a unique opportunity to meet with Synaptics at CES this year and met with Synaptics’ VP of Marketing who showed us some of their latest technologies in action. We actually already wrote about these technologies in-depth and gave a detailed explanation of how ForcePad and ClickPad work. We originally got a demo of ForcePad back in 2012 in a very early prototype and are finally able to see it in use as a final product in HP’s EliteBook Folio 1040. The video below represents the very first Forcepads and is followed further down the page by another video with the final product version in the HP Elitebook.

We also got the latest about their ClickPad 2.0 back in November and finally got a chance to see it for ourselves in person. Since then, HP has worked with Synaptics to integrate their ultrawide ClickPad 2.0 touchpad with TypeGuard into their Sceptre 13" notebook, which also happens to be one of the thinnest notebooks in production. What this latest touchpad enables is an incredibly large touch surface to work with, while eliminating the increased possibility of accidental activation with your palm or wrist. Combining Synaptics’ TypeGuard technology with a larger, more uniformly firm ClickPad, HP puts their own products into the class of Apple’s coveted Macbook touchpads which many users find themselves addicted to. It is really amazing to see how closely HP is working with Synaptics to make sure that their laptops have the most cutting edge human interface technologies on the market. Below, we have a video of the latest Forcepad and ClickPad 2.0 products, which both happen to be from HP.