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Kim Dotcom Launches BaBoom, New Music Streaming Service

Kim Dotcom has finally launched the long awaited music service set to complement his Mega file sharing website, which he relaunched after the FBI and New Zealand governments shut it down. The music service, orignally planned to be called Megabox before the Megaupload shutdown was decidedly renamed to Baboom. Interestingly for Baboom, it looks like their site is not based in the US or New Zealand, but rather in Porto, Portugal. While I don’t necessarily know the advantages of him basing the company there, I suspect that there’s a reason, especially when you consider that he’s still technically not allowed to leave the country.

As Kim Dotcom’s lawsuits and court proceedings continue, Baboom is launching as a platform for artists to communicate with their audiences. And while the site itself looks a lot like the new MySpace owned by Justin Timberlake, I believe that Kim Dotcom’s genius is clearly at work here. What he has done is to deliver a way for artists to share their content and create a central place for their audience to come and listen to their music. You can see this concept at work with Kim Dotcom’s own artist preview page (the only artist currently available on Baboom). You can listen to his music, but I give no guarantees you’ll like it.

But what he’s also done is integrate YouTube embedding to create a more immersive experience for the musician’s audience without putting a heavy load on Baboom’s servers. There is simply no denying the acceptance of YouTube as a social video platform, and Dotcom is simply acknowledging this. Furthermore, he also includes Instagram integration for a band’s photos which is also smart because Instagram is currently very popular with the younger crowds and those are going to be the people that drive new sites and technologies forward. There is also a Twitter stream section of the artist page, which also helps centralize a musician’s messaging and interactions with fans. By having YouTube, Twitter and Instagram integration Baboom also makes it much easier for musicians to continue to do what they’re doing now, using Instagram, YouTube and Twitter.

They also have a somewhat secret developer site, which gives a lot more background info about the company and the website itself. Here you can contact them directly and get more information about how to use their service and how they plan to grow.

Sure, artists are probably already using MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube, but there is no website that helps them centralize their music, photos, videos and tweets into one place. Obviously, these bands are going to continue to use these platforms as they wax and wane, but Baboom offers them a place to let their fans get all of the information in one place, while still having a very clean and easy to use website. I think Baboom is a great service and can’t wait to see what artists Kim Dotcom can get to sign up for Baboom. It may end up being my go-to website for my favorite artists.