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Music Producer and Artist M4SONIC Uses PS4 Controller to EQ and Sample

As if the PS4 wasn’t already cool enough, musician and producer m4sonic has shown off an amazing use of the new console’s controller combining it with his producing software to create music using a PS4 DualShock 4 controller. Basically, what he did was remap the controls that are found in the software that he uses to produce and map the controls to the PS4’s controller. m4sonic gets his fame from being incredibly good with the Novation Launchpad, which he now uses a lot and actually has a ton of videos with him using it. The YouTube video below demonstrates his skills with the Launchpad.

Taking those skills with the Novation Launchpad midi controller with Ableton and then translating them over to the PS4 controller results in the below video, which he posted on Instagram but only a few minutes ago. The cool thing is that he hasn’t even explored what the touchpad on the PS4 DualShock 4 controller can do, so I suspect that there could be even more done with this controller than any of us could imagine. Either way, I always love seeing hardware get hacked for new purposes and it makes it extra cool that its something new and gaming related like the PlayStation 4 controller. He did this with the help from the Suprmasv hacker community which already has quite a bit of experience with hacking hardware, including the PS4.