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Google to Retain Advanced Technology Group from Motorola

Google has announced that they will in fact be keeping the Advanced Technology Group of Motorola’s phone business that they just sold to Lenovo yesterday for $2.91 billion, according to The Verge. The belief is that Google will integrate the Advanced Technology Group which include’s Motorola’s Project Ara into the Android division of the company, but will have fairly free reign. Project Ara is Google’s and Motorola’s attempt to create a modular and highly customizable phone that will have replaceable components.

This reiterates Google’s commitment to hardware as they still will help produce Nexus devices and apparently still want to continue forward with the Ara project themselves. They will retain all of the engineering and patents, and will license the patents to Lenovo’s Motorola division (or whatever it ends up getting called). They say that they want to scale Project Ara, which exists within Motorola’s Advanced Technology Group and build it out to a point where people actually believe that is possible. Considering what Google has done so far with their Nexus devices, I don’t believe that such an idea is far from reality. Google currently sells what is easily considered a flagship phone for about half the cost of what the other companies sell hardware with similar specifications.

I think we all want Project Ara to be the future, not just Google.