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AMD's Mantle Driver Available Now

AMD has finally released their Mantle driver to the public, while we continue to test the new driver for performance improvements. AMD officially announced the driver at midnight on Thursday, but had some issues with the installer and released a semi-working version to us late yesterday and today they have a working version with a properly working installer of Catalyst 14.1, the driver that enables Mantle.

We’ve already given some details about what to expect from the Mantle driver in our announcement of the ‘soft’ release of the software driver for AMD’s GPUs, but do remember that there are known issues with the driver as well. You can download AMD’s latest Catalyst Beta Driver here, or just head on over to AMD.com as well.

Some of the known issues are lower than expected performance on HD 7000 and HD 8000 series GPUs and lower than expected performance on the R9 280X and the R9 270X. Multi-GPU support for StarSwarm will gain functionality through an application patch, not a driver update. BF4 Multi-GPU improvements will be made in future updates, and BF4 + AMD Crossfire stability and stuttering issues are "still under investigation." Any notebooks using AMD Enduro or PowerXpress technologies are currently not supported and portrait mode display configurations are currently not supported in BF4. In addition to that, AMD Eyefinity is not currently supported in StarSwarm.

As far as we know, these are all of the limitations of the AMD Mantle driver, which admittedly cuts out the vast majority of GPUs from AMD that are currently available. If you do have something like a 260X or 290/290X, then you probably should download this driver and see how much better your games run and whether or not you see improved performance and reduced CPU utilization.

Driver Link, Again.