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Samsung to Announce Galaxy S5 at MWC 2014 in Barcelona?

Samsung has just teased via their official Google+ that their famous ‘UNPACKED’ event is going to go down in Barcelona, in a few weeks. Samsung is highly expected to announce the Galaxy S5 with a 1600p display and likely a larger screen as well. Considering the fact that Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 805 should be available around the same timeframe, I would expect it to pack Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 805 in addition to the high resolution. While the rumors across the net are also claiming that there could be two versions of the S5, a smaller and bigger version, there is not much to substantiate that at this time.

As you can see, Samsung will be streaming the event live on YouTube and will fall in the evening for Europeans and morning time for Americans (8 PM Central European Time) which comes out to 11am Pacific time. This means that most people will end up watching this stream during their lunches in most of the US while others around the world, namely Asia will be asleep during the unveiling.

There is a good chance that Samsung will release their new version of the Galaxy Gear as well in order to pair it with the new flagship phone, but there isn’t enough evidence to firmly say that. Yes, we will probably be getting a Galaxy S5 with an incredibly high resolution, but it will be important to see how Samsung will differentiate their new Galaxy S5 from the S4 and Note 3 which are already pretty solid offerings. Perhaps Samsung will finally start to introduce wireless charging or some other novel features outside of their fairly gimmicky software features.