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Is Viber for Sale? Rumored $300-$400 Million Price Tag

According to an Israeli publication, the popular messaging app, Viber, is up for sale and is currently in talks to be bought by a major Asian competitor. The Calcalist, reports in Hebrew, that the company is reportedly in talks with a ‘large Asian’ chat company for an acquisition. The truth is that there aren’t many different messaging applications out there anymore, especially in Asia. The ones that come to mind are the Japanese, Line, Korean KakaoTalk and the Chinese WeChat.

What makes these talks of acquisition all the more interesting is the fact that there were rumors that Viber was looking for a large investment round, to the tune of $100 million. However, it could be that they may instead just be looking for a buyer as Viber is constantly growing and adding new features and may be looking to cash in on their success. The company itself is technically a Cyprus based company, but the majority of the company’s employees and management are Israeli. They also have a development center in Belarus as well, however, that may just be due to the cheapness of labor there.

Because Viber hasn’t actually gone through any rounds of investment funding from outside sources, they’ve pretty much retained control of the company and those involved could stand to make a lot of money. This includes the company’s CEO who is currently denying any claims of an acquisition. The truth is that I have used many different messaging applications and I have found that the most of my friends use Viber, and so does my family. While its hard to accurately gauge the success of Viber, the truth is that the application is available on basically any and all platforms available today. Viber’s support of Windows, Windows Phone, Android, iOS, Blackberry, Bada and others is really what makes the application to attractive, its a truely cross-platform messaging application.

Some rumors are claiming even higher sale prices of Viber, but the truth is that right now we will have to sit and wait to see who the actual suitor is and what the final price will be. The Calcalist has been pretty accurate in the past in their reporting of rumored acquisitions.