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Qualcomm's Toq Gets an Update, Adds Health and Watch Faces

Qualcomm’s Toq has been slowly evolving as a smartwatch and a smartwatch platform. Sure, we haven’t seen any smartwatches that utilize all of the technologies that the Toq has to offer, yet, but there is already the FashionComm A1 which already utilizes the Mirasol display. Either way, we’ve already reviewed the Toq smartwatch and noted that most improvements to it would likely be seen coming from Qualcomm, rather than 3rd party developers. Even though Qualcomm’s aim is to proliferate this platform’s apps through the SDK approach.

The Toq has a lot of good things going for it, but it was missing a few things that Qualcomm had mentioned during the initial announcement. And now, with today’s update, they deliver on one of them. Activity tracking. With the new update, you have the ability to track your activity and gauge your overall ‘healthiness’ through activity points. You know, the more you do, the better your score. In theory. There isn’t much about this part of the new update in the release notes or how it works, but one can assume it works using the accelerometer. It would be cool, though, if there was a heart rate monitor quietly built-in as well.

Now, in addition to the activity points watch face and the functionality that is gained from enabling it, there is also the new world clock and weather watch face which is great for globe trotters. I have a feeling that this watch was likely requested by Qualcomm’s own Toq-wearing upper management that find themselves hopping around the world often and would like their Toq to have mutli-timezone and weather functionality. In addition to this, the new watch face enables users to swipe between cities by swiping up and down from the top and bottom edges to switch cities. This is the first use of the touch screen by a watch face on the Toq and adds a new level of user interaction to smart watches that most watches currently lack due to lacking touch displays or interactive watch faces.

Below you can see how the cities and their accompanying weather can be added to the watch face.