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Samsung's Galaxy S5 to Have a Fingerprint Sensor?

A popular Samsung rumor site, Sammobile, is reporting that not only will the Galaxy S5 be launching at Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2014 in Barcelona, but that the Galaxy S5 will be featuring a fingerprint scanner as well. They go into detail about how the new Samsung Galaxy S5 will feature a new fingerprint scanner that will use the swipe method of authentication and that Samsung intends for it to be used for more than the current purposes that Apple is using with the iPhone 5S. They claim that Samsung wants to have a novel implementation that uses the ‘full potential’ of the fingerprint scanner which includes the ability to swipe in 8 different fingers and to enable features like hidden applications and application launching. However, the author does ignore the fact that HTC’s One Max phone already uses the fingerprint scanner on the back of it to enable application launching.

In addition to confirming the existence of a fingerprint scanner, Sammobile also states that this fingerprint scanner will be integrated into the home button. This would invalidate all of the rumors that Samsung is doing away with the physical home button that they are so well known for in favor of a fully on-screen button layout. While Sammobile actually gives very little (not really any) evidence to support their statement either way, they have been pretty accurate about Samsung rumors in the past. Plus, having a physical home button would make integrating a fingerprint scanner much easier.

Sammobile also confirmed that the phone Samsung had themselves rumored to be launching at MWC 2014 will in fact be the Galaxy S5. While specs are still fairly light, we can probably expect the Galaxy S5 to probably up the size game once again and ship with the rumored 2560×1440 resolution as well as the home button, fingerprint scanner and likely Snapdragon 805 SoC (for the US Market) and next-generation Exynos ARM-based chip for the global version. I would also highly expect both the US and global versions to ship standard with LTE and to support a plethora of bands. We will continue to track the Galaxy S5 rumors up until the expected launch next week on the 24th as MWC kicks off.