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New HTC One and Smartwatch Rumors Leak

As we come nearer to MWC 2014 next week in Barcelona, more and more details are starting to leak about HTC’s new flagship phone, the HTC M8, also known as the All New One and some potential new smartwatches. There have been many rumors about HTC’s next flagship smartphone as the HTC One was very well received by the general public and even more so by reviewers. Although, due to the fact that HTC’s launch came so close to the Galaxy S4, they lost some of their thunder. Not to mention, their marketing for the device came far too late after it had been launched and anyone that could’ve been convinced to get one already got something else. Either way, maybe HTC can do a better job this time around with the new One phone codenamed the M8 (the old HTC One was the M7).

The popular phone leaker, EVLeaks has been leaking details about the new HTC One phone and claims that it will be available in three colors, Grey, Silver and Gold. He also said that it will be marketed as the All New One, which remains to be seen if that is true, however Evan of EVleaks has done a pretty good job of being spot on with his leaks/rumors. I think we all can expect this phone to have similar build quality as the HTC One did, but with a few newer features, namely faster SoC, improved LTE, and even more interestingly dual cameras. 

While nobody can explain why the new HTC One will feature dual cameras, I believe most people have ruled out the fingerprint sensor like HTC had on the HTC One Max. The overall placement of the sensor at the top of the phone really screams some sort of camera sensor but I can’t really quite put my finger on why they would opt for two cameras. Sure, it could enable for better and faster HDR photos and possibly better DoF in photos with possibility for having 100% in focus images. HTC has definitely been on the forefront of smartphone photography, so it will be interesting to see what they may be doing. Also, if you look at the images both above and below you can see that the new HTC One has a much more rounded design than the previous version and more rounded edges overall, which some say they like while others don’t. Personally, these leaked images look pretty good to me, even though I don’t think I could ever own a gold smartphone.

In addition to the new rumored HTC One, Bloomberg also said that HTC is working on some new smartwatches that they will be showing to operators and other partners. Specifically, they said that HTC is working on multiple smartwatches with one of them being based on the Qualcomm Toq, which we reviewed. It will be interesting to see if HTC’s version of the Toq will have more premium materials like their current lineup of phones does with an aluminum or steel casing for the phone and perhaps a metal or leather band instead of the rubber/plastic one of the Toq. Bloomberg also said that HTC is working on other watches and wearables including one that can tap into Google’s Play Services in order to allow for music and other things to be streamed to it from the user’s smartphone. Clearly there are a lot more details to iron out about these smartwatches but the expectation is that we will not be seeing them at MWC. HTC clearly needs to keep their momentum going and I feel like they stumbled a bit after the HTC One, they really need to push hard on making good wearables that fit with their One line of products. I think an HTC-made smartwatch could definitely be a good thing, especially if has great battery life and is made of high quality materials.