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MWC14: HTC Talks The Next One and Distributed Computing

In addition to announcing the HTC Desire 816, which we’ve had a chance to get our hands on, HTC also made two major announcements in regards to the company’s programs and future products. The first major announcement came in the form of HTC’s Power to Give program, which finally helps people utilize their incredibly powerful smartphone SoCs for the greater benefit of mankind. Anyone that has been a gamer within the past 10 years or so is familiar with such distributed computing programs through WCG. Now that smartphone SoCs have reached the levels of where computer were but only a few years ago, it makes sense that HTC is launching their Power to Give program. We’ve included a video below that details exactly how it works and what it does for the world when you use this program on your phone. Currently, all you need is an Android device that has Android 4.3 or above a 1.5GHz Dual core or 1GHz Quad core and at least 1G RAM.

In addition to Power to Give, HTC also launched the first new ad as part of a new ad campaign that actually has them finally advertising their next-generation of smartphones BEFORE the launch. A major mistake that they made with the original HTC One where they only started to market the device after it launched. As a result their ad campaign was overwhelmed by Samsung’s marketing blitz with the Galaxy S4 which launched a few weeks later. If HTC plays their cards right with this new ad campaign they can actually get their new product a bunch of attention almost a month in advance of the product’s expected launch on March 25th.

As HTC is expected to launch on March 25th, this is going to be the first of many advertisements I expect that we’ll see leading up to and following the launch. Hopefully HTC is able to deliver on the hype that they are trying to build with the ‘All New HTC One’ and they are probably going to disappoint less than Samsung, especially with fewer leaks and less hyperbole in terms of expected specs. We are going to watch HTC’s announcements closely and make sure to report on anything credible we hear about.