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Ellen DeGeneres' Oscars Samsung Selfie Broke Twitter and Retweet Records

As if the selfie didn’t get any more attention already, Ellen DeGeneres has further helped that type of photo with the use of her new Samsung phone that was given to her by Samsung for the Oscars. Since Samsung is one of the sponsors of the Oscars, it only seems natural that she would be given one to use for official Oscars business. And by the looks of the results of a single selfie, Samsung and the Oscars (and Ellen DeGeneres) have won. In her original tweet (which I had been following since it happened live) she posted saying, "If only Bradley’s arm was longer. Best photo ever. #oscars."

During the show, Ellen herself said that they were aiming to have the most retweeted image ever and that they wanted to break a record. While I was not sure of how possible this was, the people involved in the photos alone have millions of followers on twitter, so it was entirely possible that it could happen. The previous retweet record was 780,000 from none other than Barack Obama’s twitter, however, Ellen’s tweet eclipsed that within the first 20 minutes of its existence breaking a million in the first 20 minutes or so of being online. It has now been 22 hours since that original tweet and Ellen’s tweet has now broken over 3 million retweets. That makes it the first tweet to ever break 1 million, 2 million and 3 million retweets in a single throw.

Furthermore, during the broadcast, Ellen did say that apparently they broke Twitter and that it was back online now. While I thought this was just a piece of broadcasting hyperbole, it has actually been confirmed that the activity swarm created by that single tweet resulted in an overload of Twitter’s systems and made the site unavailable to some. While I watched this unfold there were multiple times when the retweet button simply disappeared and there was no retweet count, so I don’t necessarily find this revelation to be too surprising. What it does mean, however, is that the Oscars did get a ton of social media traffic and so did Samsung. Even though, marketingland has proven that Ellen wasn’t really using the Samsung phone nearly as much as her personal iPhone during the show.

This is also a huge win for Twitter as it proves that Twitter may actually be a more relevant medium for social interactions than Facebook considering how much activity Twitter was able to enable. Twitter seems to work very well with live events and I have a feeling that we will see Twitter more prepared for such events in the future and continued to be used as the primary medium for sharing thoughts publicly during broadcasts.