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Samsung Tries to Lure Galaxy S5 Buyers with 'Samsung Galaxy Gifts'

In a bid to win over more customers towards buying the newly released Samsung Galaxy S5, Samsung is making massive offers in order to improve the value of the Galaxy S5. While I can’t really complain that Samsung is giving things away to customers for free, some of these offers are a bit weak/too short to really mean anything significant. Their new Samsung Galaxy Gifts webpage makes a long list of software and services that people are able to gain for free through the purchase of a new Samsung Galaxy S5.

The current list reads like a laundry list of productivity and health/fitness apps. Most of those are probably already integrated into the Galaxy S5’s existing software and simply make the device more useful through the enablement of those services. Good examples of this are Samsung’s inclusion of a year of free premium service for both Run Keeper and Lark as well as 6 months of free Skimble and Map My Fitness. To be honest, any free subscriptions that are under a year aren’t really worth offering because people will use these and likely never renew unless you let them actually integrate the services into their daily lives for a year or so. I believe that Samsung will likely take a cut out of anyone that renews these services after their free trials (that’s essentially what anything under a year amounts to).

Samsung also included 6 months of free Wall Street Journal access as well as a year of Bloomberg Businessweek + services. Once again, 6 months simply isn’t enough for the WSJ, but Samsung puts the value of these 6 months of service at $160, which accounts for a huge chunk of the whole Gifts Package. There is also the inclusion of a Paypal promotion that gives you $50 in "special offers" only available in 25 countries when you pay certain retailers via Paypal. There is also a 3 month free trial of Linkedin Premium for 3 months, which Samsung values at $75.

There are also a few free apps and services for cloud that Samsung includes as a part of the Galaxy Gifts package. The free apps they included were Flick Dat and EasilyDo Pro, which are both paid apps for productivity purposes. They also include a $5 coupon for creating a photo book vai Blurb as well as $10 in game credits for Cut the Rope 2. Rounding up the apps and cloud services, Samsung also includes 50 GB of Box storage for 6 months, a $60 value. They also include 1TB of Bitcasa storage for 3 months, a $30 value and finally 3 months free of Evernote Premium services, a $15 value.

Overall, Samsung’s Galaxy Gifts package is valued at $576 even though most of them are really 3 or 6 month long free trials in my book. As long as these ‘gifts’ are less than a free app or a year of free service they are free trials. So, don’t be fooled by these free gifts. There’s a good chance Samsung will actually make money off these if you renew. So, even though there are certainly some valuable freebies, very few of them will actually last more than a year after you buy the phone, which is pretty disappointing. Much like the Galaxy S5 itself.