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LG's New G Flex Commercial Is Possibly The Worst, Ever

LG has created what can only be considered the worst commercial we have ever seen, ever. It even makes Samsung’s horrific Galaxy Gear commercial look fantastic. If you don’t remember Samsung’s commercial, it was the perfect disconnect from reality and blatent sexism. Somehow, I have a feeling that this LG commercial was similarly not produced by LG’s US offices, but rather their European or HQ in Korea. Now, if you’re ready for some cringing and questionable visuals, without further hesitation, the video in question:

Also, as a note, we’ve had to edit the article with a new YouTube link because the original video from LG has actually been pulled

I don’t really know what they’re trying to get at with "The Most Human Phone Ever" but that is not only the most confusing campaign name and slogan, but also the least significant. They’ve combined one of the most bizarre campaign names with one of the most bizarre commercials. So, at least they have the two well lined up. Other than that, I’m not really sure that LG understands how to market this phone. Because, frankly, nobody really needs a curved phone nor a self-healing back. Sure, the self-healing feature is cool, but it isn’t necessary and isn’t going to persuade someone to buy the phone over another. Especially when you consider that the phone’s flexibility and self healing back are its only two unique features.