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New Watchdogs Trailer Unveiled May 27th Release Date

Since Ubisoft delayed Watchdogs in October, days before we visited their studios in Montreal, they have been working very hard to get the game out to the public and to do it right. While they didn’t give an exact date, they roughly said that the game would be released either in March or in September of this year. Instead, they’re kind of meeting somewhere in the middle, with a launch on May 27th. In order to make this announcement, Ubisoft released a new trailer for the game, a somewhat theatrical trailer to possibly get more gamers excited about a game that many have forgotten about.

Now that you’ve seen the story trailer and the release date/pre-order availability, there may be a steady build up of excitement for the game. What’s interesting, though, is that they chose to launch the game right before E3 in LA. The most interesting thing about this announcement is that the date is very deliberately announced in order to not get the game buried under all of the news of E3 and all of the potentially new games that could get announced there. So, while Watchdogs will likely not sell nearly as well as it could have when it was originally launched, I believe that this game will ultimately come out far better than it would have when they originally would’ve launched it. I think we can expect a very polished, quality game that may even steal some attention away from E3 with its reviews and people’s reactions. Until then, we’ll just have to wait and see.