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T-Mobile Ups The Ante, Doubles LTE Data on Lowest Plan, Expands Global Free Data

Starting on March 23rd, T-Mobile is forcing their competitors to react once again, and somewhat reacting to their competitors by upping the ante once again and increasing the amount of data they offer for their base plan and international data and texting. Their new Simple Choice plan will offer customers a $50 base plan that starts with 1GB of 4G LTE data (rather than the original 500 MB) and expanded international global data roaming and texting. This is somewhat of a response to what Verizon and AT&T have done to double the amount of data they offer in many of their plans and selecting specific plans to lower the price of in order to be somewhat competitive with T-Mobile.

So, we are witnessing a tit-for-tat response from the carriers competing against each other and then having them up the ante. AT&T now offers an $80 2GB plan, while T-Mobile offers a 1GB plan for $50 and Verizon charges $80. T-Mobile’s $60 plan is now 3GB instead of 2GB and Verizon charges $100 for 3GB. If you want 5GB of 4G data, you will pay $70 with T-Mobile (their $70 unlimited plan has now become 5GB, a huge downgrade for those hoping to sign up for that plan). Their unlimited plan is now $80 but still includes all of the new features like international global data roaming and texting in more countries than ever before as T-Mobile now offers it in 120+ countries instead of 100+ countries.

Both Verizon and AT&T still do not offer any unlimited plans and they both charge overages if you go over the alotted data amounts. Also, both companies have decided to offer free unlimited international texting to their customers, like T-Mobile had originally started with by offering it to their customers. But, both AT&T and Verizon still do not offer free global data roaming which is the most valuable feature of the T-Mobile Simple Choice Plans. The only things that T-Mobile hasn’t quite explained are what are the new countries being added to the new list of free global data roaming. For that, I guess we’ll have to wait until March 23rd, when the new data plans go into effect.