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HTCs All New HTC One's Duo Camera Feature Explained


As many of you may already know, the All New HTC One (for lack of a better name, we guess) is going to feature two cameras. A primary camera and a secondary camera with one mounted in the same place as the HTC One and another mounted slight above the NFC antenna (that black bar you see going across the aluminum unibody). In addition to that, if you look closely, the camera actually has two flashes that are different colors, as opposed to two flashes of the same color. This is done in order to try to balance the flash color to a more neutral tone in order to make the white balance more manageable when taking photos. Usually, when a phone takes a picture of something the white balance is usually thrown off and the object usually appears too blue or too white. With two different temperatures (or colors) of flash, you can produce a much more natural appearing flash photo than if you were to two with two of the same color.

As you can see in the image above (source:Evleaks) there are two camera sensors and two different color flash LEDs. The expectation of such a setup would lend to someone who really cares about photos and wants to be able to take photos that are in-focus with a very great depth of field or a very narrow depth of field. Additionally, having two cameras should allow for much better low-light and HDR photography, depending on the resolution of each camera. However, if you look at both cameras it appears to be quite evident that they are not the same sensor and that we’re likely looking at a primary and a secondary camera with the secondary likely not being able to produce a final image on its own. HTC has been fairly innovative with their camera hardware in the past, so this phone should be no different and will likely lend to a very unique and interesting camera setup.

Now, thanks to the leaks that have come out of Telstra, we can get some idea of what features this dual camera setup will provide. The leak comes to us thanks to the people at GSMArena and is a single page scan of Telstra’s flyer about the All New HTC One, which is apparently its official name. This somewhat reminds me of what Apple did with the iPad when they couldn’t think of a better name.

As you can tell, this flyer is incredibly light on details but it does tell us that we will 100% be seeing a 5" 1080P display with BoomSound and the new Duo Camera and as expected, Sense 6.0. The Duo Camera is explained as a system that enables low light photography in addition to good focus, highlights, soften backgrounds and adding 3D effects. Considering how lightning fast HTC’s cameras already are, I suspect that they will continue to utilize this advantage to set themselves apart from the competition. Since we don’t have an All New HTC One (eh that name) in our hands yet, we can’t quite evaluate what kind of performance or quality it will have. But, there have been some rumors that HTC didn’t upgrade the camera sensor at all, which I find a bit hard to believe.

There have been some rumors of leaked hardware specifications, but none of the rumors have any concrete evidence like this flyer to support them. Until then, or until the launch in 2 weeks, I don’t think we’ll really know much more about this phone than we already do. But I must say it does seem a bit funny that we’re getting a major leak of HTC’s newest phone almost every week leading up to the phone’s release.