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DigitalGlobe Lends Satellite Imagery To Crowdsource Search for Malaysian Flight

The people at DigitalGlobe have decided to not only offer their satellites and satellite imagery expertise, but also to help spearhead an effort via their own special crowd sourcing site to help find the Malaysia Airlines MH370 flight that went missing. Many of you may already be familiar with the story of the mysteriously disappearing Malasysia Airlines MH370 Boeing 777-200 plane that simply vanished. Well, over the course of the past few days, various governments and companies have been trying to lend their expertise to try and help to find this plane and any potential survivors.

Current rumors have the Chinese government finding something irregular in their satellite imagery, but it appears to be grainy and doesn’t have thousands of people sifting through different sectors having experts check out each and every tag for a potential hit. The Chinese claim to have found some piece of debris in the Gulf of Thailand, however their imagery is oddly very low-resolution and doesn’t definitively show anything of any consequence, but it could still be a lead.

The current site for DigitalGlobe’s effort is struggling to keep up with requests from users wanting to help out, so they’re having a very hard time keeping up with website traffic. As such, you may not have a chance to even try to help out in the search for the Boeing 777 that disappeared, even if you’d like to lend a pair of eyes. The great thing about this, though, is that it shows how technology can enable people from across the world to be useful and to try to help a situation that in other cases they might not have been able to. With the advent of new cloud technologies and crowdsourcing the work, a lot of events like this could be resolved much more quickly in the future.

Our thoughts are with those families of those from the Malaysia Airlines flight and we wish them the best that we possibly can in such difficult times.