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Lenovo Signs Cloud Phone Service Voxox to Serve Lenovo Devices

Lenovo has announced a partnership with local San Diego company, Voxox, to supply Lenovo with their software and services that enable users of Lenovo’s PCs to make calls virtually anywhere. This is possible thanks to Voxox’s cloud phone platform which allows for a whole host of phone functions on a PC or smartphone without actually needing a cellular connection. The agreement between the two companies is supposed to result in Voxox’s install base to increase by 5 million units, which should help them kickstart their fledgling consumer business.

Plus, just like all of Voxox’s new users, Lenovo users will be able to take advantage of their ongoing initiative that enables free calling and messaging to anywhere in the world, even outside of the Voxox network. The two companies’ partnership allows for Lenovo’s laptop customers to take advantage of Voxox?s free and low-cost global communication services and features, which include calling, texting, faxing, media sharing, instant language translation, voicemail transcription, call recording, video, photo, location sharing, and call forwarding. As a part of an ongoing promotion for new users, they will be providing a monthly credit of $1 that can be used to place outbound calls and send outbound SMS to anywhere in the world. Some potential uses of this credit include the use of 100 free calling minutes to phone numbers in the U.S. and Canada, or 52 free minutes to phone numbers in China, France, and United Kingdom. All inbound communication, as well as Voxox-to-Voxox communication, are free.

Voxox also has a mobile app, which already exists for iOS, Android and a PC/Mac app, meaning that if you get this application for free on your Lenovo laptop it could prove incredibly useful when used cross-platform. We haven’t had much time to mess about with Voxox yet, but with this big of an announcement, I have a feeling this won’t be the last that we see of Voxox. Hopefully this is a sign that perhaps Voxox will also get an opportunity to get installed on Lenovo’s phones, which is going to be a much bigger growing business than their already successful PC business. Not to mention, I think Voxox’s features will get much more use on a smartphone than on a laptop, even though both are great platforms for such services.

  • nicmart

    If Voxox Cloud Phone is as poor as Voxox phone software, it will be a rare achievement.