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YouTube Outage Today, Follows Yesterday's Twitter Outage


As it appears right now, YouTube is down and none of its services are working. The site, nor any embedded links. The issue first manifested itself in embedded links, showing the below error image. Upon noticing this problem, we went and checked on YouTube itself and it also appeared to display the same Google error image. And then, finally, we checked on IsItDown and were able to confirm that YouTube is in fact down.

This follows yesterday’s Twitter outage of about an hour, which resulted in a lot of very confused users that were trying to figure out why they couldn’t log in. The Twitter outage yesterday essentially logged all users out of all platforms, both mobile and web-based, and would not let them log in with their credentials. Leaving a lot of people asking on Facebook and Google Plus what exactly was going on. And as quickly as it happened, it was resolved and Twitter was back up. However, they never posted a Blog or any tweets explaining exactly what happened. 

Hopefully these two events are not connected, but for two services of this size to go down a day apart, it does seem a bit odd to say the least.