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GDC 2014: OTOY Releases Brigade Photorealistic Game Engine into The Cloud

Following last week’s announcement that they would be making Octane Render and some Octane plug-ins available for free to students, OTOY has made yet another major announcement. This time around their up and coming photorealistic path-tracing game engine, Brigade. Brigade has been under development at OTOY for some time and they’ve been making steady improvements to its ability to render photorealistic images in real time. Especially with the improvements of overall noise to the final product. All of the images below have been rendered using Brigade.

Today’s announcement for Brigade pertains to the fact that Brigade is now a cloud-enabled application that works in Amazon’s EC2 cloud, enabling you to get much better instantaneous performance, regardless of your hardware. This announcement, ahead of the 2014 Game Developers Conference in San Francisco is squarely aimed at the game development community. They are essentially allowing anyone that is anywhere in the world to access Brigade’s power through Amazon’s EC2 cloud sometime in the second half of this year. However, until then, they are also expanding their Brigade developer program. 

They have also enabled Brigade to have a next generation final render art pipeline through the use of OctaneRender. They want to enable game developers and artists alike to be able to use both their Brigade and Octane tools in order to speed up the pace of their work while still being able to create photorealistic images. This can all be done while developing in the newly announced Brigade on Amazon EC2 through Brigade Amazon Machine Instances that should be commercially available via Amazon EC2. While I’m not entirely sure that all game development and such will be done through Brigade in the cloud, having the ability to plug into Amazon’s EC2 Cloud does enable someone to be able to take their work with them wherever they go. They could work in the cloud from anywhere in the world and show it to anyone anywhere in the world. Not to mention all of the horsepower it should enable them to utilize that they might not have in their own computers.

OTOY says that they’ll be demonstrating demos of the latest version of Brigade with the Amazon EC2 instances at The 2014 Game Developers Conference next week as well as Nvidia’s 2014 GPU Technology Conference the week after that.