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AMD Teases Dual Hawaii GPU With New #2BetterThan1 Teasers

As some of you may recall, last week we got teased by a package from Edelman that mysteriously alluded to something being 2BetterThan1 with a slightly creepy photo of yours truly from a few years ago. Well, it appears that they’re not letting up on this campaign as we just got a new package from Edelman once again with #2BetterThan1 on two cans of Pringles and a bottle of water. The significance is that all three of them have a piece of paper taped on them that says #2BetterThan1.

These are the same cans of Pringles chips that AMD passed out during IDF last year, offering people try try a different chip, mocking Intel. Now, however, they’re trying to obviously indicate something with two chips and not just that, if you inspect the bottle of water there’s something special about it.

Its Hawaiian Volcanic water, you know alluding to this being a dual GPU card with Hawaii chips from the Volcanic Islands family of GPUs. I don’t really think it can get any more obvious that that, guys. As if all of that obvious allusion wasn’t enough to clearly say that we’ll be getting to see a dual Hawaii, Volcanic Islands GPU, they also included a paper about how we might get a chance to hear more about this ‘secret mission’.

And no, the paper didn’t self destruct. Based on this, it looks like we’ll know more about AMD’s Dual Hawaii GPU card next week, and by the looks of it it’ll be on the 25th, the same week as Nvidia’s GPU Technology Conference in San Jose! Sounds like AMD wants to steal some of Nvidia’s thunder.