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Celebrating 5 Years of Bright Side of News* : A Letter to Our Readers

A Letter to Our Readers;

As we celebrate today, our 5th anniversary as a technology news and review website, we are looking back at how the years have brought us success as well as what the future holds. BSN* is currently one of the few websites on the net that does not have any pressure from outside vendors or advertisers driving content or editorials. We have worked hard to bring you the truth in as unbiased a manner that we can, be it in the news or in product reviews.

Over the course of these past 5 years, have published over 4,500 articles, which translates to over 900 articles per year. Also, take into account, a few years ago we suffered a massive server malfunction that took us offline for two whole weeks and caused us to lose hundreds of quality stories, but our team has been resilient and rebounded from that catastrophe and we’re stronger than ever before.

We are also currently working on wrapping up a redesign of BSN* which should wrap up in the next few weeks as part of a celebration of our 5th anniversary. This redesign will realign our site’s design and content more with what is currently relevant to our readers today as well as what most people’s devices appreciate. Many of these improvements have come directly as a result of feedback from many readers telling us about how to improve the site. That includes an improved mobile site and the possibility of adding a forum to BSN*. While we are hesitant to add a forum in light of some website’s struggles to keep forums free and fair, we want to hear from you about whether we should or shouldn’t include forums as part of our site’s new structure. After all, you, our readers are the ones that would be using it and we would want to hear if you guys find it necessary or not.

And last, but not least, we will be launching a series of giveaways over the course of the next few weeks to celebrate our website’s 5 year anniversary. These giveaways will be sponsored by the companies whom we have been most closely partnered with in the past and who we believe have done a lot of good for our readers. Some notable companies on the list are Nvidia, AMD, Kingston, Western Digital, ADATA, Thermaltake, with many more that are still to be announced. This will be the biggest giveaway BSN* has ever launched in our site’s history and will without a doubt include various computer components as well as gadgets and tablets just to name a few. Watch BSN’s site over the course of the next few weeks to get a better idea of what we’ll be giving away every week.

Once again, we just want to thank you all for having stuck with us for all these years and we really appreciate everything that you guys have done for us. Without you all and your continued support, we wouldn’t exist today. Many tech websites come and go, but because of you, our readers, we’re still here and standing strong.

Thank you.

Anshel Sag

Editor-in-Chief of BSN*