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Dell Drops Prices on 24" and 32" 4K Monitors, Leaves 28" Untouched

While there is no doubt that 4K is the future of HD graphics, there is also no doubt that there has been a hefty price premium attached to such a huge bump in resolution. Going from a 1920×1080 display to a 3840×2160 display would logically result in a fairly large price bump for most monitors. However, the first batch of 4K monitors like the EIZO 4K monitor we unboxed and used for testing were well over $30,000. Then, after a while, Sharp came out with their 31.5" IGZO-panel-based 4K display for $3,500 which also powers the similarly priced ASUS and Dell monitors of the same size. However, since the beginning of this year we’ve heard multiple announcements from Lenovo and Dell about much more affordable 4K monitors, including Dell’s 24" UP2414Q for $1,300 and 28" P2815Q for about $700.

Now that those monitors have been out for a bit, it appears that Dell is prepared to lower the prices on the UltraSharp models, but not the least expensive Ultra HD model. As you can see below, the 24" and 32" UltraSharp monitors are going to be selling for $1,149.99 and $2,621.99 respectively. So, the 24" monitor is currently selling for a 11% discount while the 32" monitor is selling with a 21% discount. Which means that anyone that was hoping to nab themselves a 32" 4K display can probably do so without feeling too bad. Sure, it is still $2,622 but the truth is that at that price you aren’t paying an outrageous premium over the 2560×1600 30" monitors Dell sells.

So, if you’ve been looking for a 4K monitor, now may be the time to grab one. While I don’t really see this as a sign of Dell releasing any new models, this could signal that they may have improved their costs and can pass those savings on to consumers. Remember, only two of these are the UltraSharp monitors, so they’re IPS pre-calibrated displays with 60 Hz refresh rates for real 4K gaming or anything that requires a good refresh rate. Unfortunately, they haven’t dropped the price on the 28" Ultra HD model which still sells for $662, but that is already a pretty damn good price. Even though, the 28" Ultra HD will only work over HDMI which means it can’t do 60 Hz gaming at 4K, making this a 4K monitor for mostly 2D graphics.