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Adobe Creative Cloud Getting New Features & Hardware June 18th

Adobe Creative Cloud Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe appears to be in a bit of a crisis with what they want the public to know. A few days ago, Adobe announced that they would be making a big announcement on June 18th about the new Creative Cloud for 2014. This announcement detailed a lot of things that Adobe planned to announce for or related to the new Creative Cloud for 2014, but then they moderated their post today and removed all of the details about what they planned to show. Thanks to Google’s Cache and the Google Cache Browser, it was fairly easy to go back and get the details that Adobe had removed from their new Creative Cloud event page.

So, first, we have the before page…

Creative Cloud

Adobe New Creative Cloud Before…

And then we have the after… as you can tell, some details about what they would be showing were completely scrubbed and they just posted the time and date and encouraged people to sign up. So, yes, Adobe is going to be launching a new Creative Cloud for 2014. But it will feature all new desktop apps, mobile apps, new creative hardware (this sounds interesting) and hundreds of new features and other surprises. So, naturally this sounds a lot more interesting than what you see below and is currently posted on Adobe’s site.

Creative Cloud

Adobe New Creative Cloud After…

Also keep in mind that not so long ago, Adobe was having massive issues with their Creative Cloud login ID system which effectively locked users out of logging into their Creative Cloud accounts to update or install new applications. For some users this was a horrible experience because they simply weren’t prepared for their applications to be unavailable to them for over 24 hours. Obviously, any professional that uses any cloud service has a backup offline program available on hand if necessary. However, Adobe increasingly wants to push all of their customers towards a cloud-based program. Even Microsoft offers their Office Suite as an offline option if users don’t wish to use their Office 365 service, but Adobe simply doesn’t offer anything above CS6 in offline/non-cloud versions, which is really a shame. Sure, Creative Cloud is nice, but it isn’t necessarily nice when you don’t have an internet connection or their service goes down like it did.